OUTLIVE; The Tendency

Life is hard sometimes, we deal with things in life that are unexpected. It is a normal part of living in this crazy world. We all experience it whether we are an athlete or not. I am currently 23 years of age trying to navigate my way just like everyone else.

We each have our story we are living, so this is a little about mine. Very few people know and don’t understand why I have withdrawn from school and basketball. That’s where it begins …

November 13, 2017

“I have decided to withdraw from BYU today. Unfortunately, I am mentally not where I need to be in order to perform in basketball and in school this year. As it has been made known, I went through a divorce this year and it has been really difficult for me. I have confidence that I will come back stronger and better. I have every intention on coming back to BYU and representing Cougar nation on the basketball floor. I thank everyone for their love and support, especially my teammates, coaches and the BYU administration that have been an incredible support system. Go Cougs!”

Nick Emery

I can’t imagine what everyone’s reaction was to this. Was it honor code? Did he get kicked out? NCAA? People say “I heard he cheated on her/he was addicted to drugs/he went crazy/he can’t handle the pressure/k ……)

I have been accused of everything you possibly could be accused of being a terrible person. To be honest, I would probably think the exact same thing if I heard this many things about someone too. So what is the truth? “Well, I heard ..” … so it must be the truth right? WRONG.

One thing I want everyone to know is that I attend an amazing university with so many incredible people. At this University we are held to the highest standards and are always accountable for our actions. We have a thing called the honor code .. one thing the honor code does great at is get to know a person really well. In my situation, I am so incredibly grateful for this investigation because it only solidifies the facts and facts only. I was cleared of these false accusations, rumors and any wrongdoing by the honor code after they did their investigation.

I have been victim to false allegations, rumors and more things for several months. I have found out with almost anything in life, one thing could mean something to me and something totally different to someone else. Every story has two sides whether we like it or not. Everything that I’m saying is how I perceive it and how I live. So if you don’t agree with it, I’m sorry! I hope by sharing my experience that someone can really learn something from it. I’m not hiding it.

I promise you, I am human. Basketball is what I do but basketball is not who I am. There is one thing and one thing only that I will ALWAYS stand up for and that is treating people right no matter the circumstance. We are all living in this crazy world, I see far too many times where people are living other people’s problems. This way of life is very destructive and toxic. Don’t live in regret, live life in determination, betterment, hope and faith. This whole experience has helped me grow up a lot and ultimately be a better person and I’m grateful for that.

However, I want to make people aware of being careful of what you believe and ultimately what you say about people. Just because you hear something doesn’t mean it’s the truth. You don’t know the truth and what is actually happening in their lives. They are fighting their own battles just like you are fighting yours. By being so consumed in someone else’s life, you are only masking your own problems. Gossip, drama, whatever you want to call it. Rise above it!

You can always find fault with someone or with something .. isn’t it interesting how we always find fault in someone else’s life and never our own? … Life is not about revenge, self pity, or jealousy, life is about living the name you have been given, and creating your story. We live in a society where it’s “cool” to talk about other’s problems and laugh at everyone’s failures.

I asked one of my best friends how he perceived happiness in life and he said;

“1. Celebrate each other’s successes in life

2. Help each other through the struggles/bad times in life and

3. Be real with who you really are and enjoy the simple things in life. We each make our own decisions in life. That shouldn’t change how you think about someone or how you treat them. They’ve got their problems and you got yours.”

Keep life simple, do your hobbies and be good at them. For example, I love to Fly Fish, Golf and play basketball. I don’t think you could have caught me elsewhere this summer without doing one of those things if not all 3! It didn’t matter what other people thought, I was free and doing what I loved most. This never changed my circumstance, but it did change my mood and outlook on life. I was a lot happier and it was a lot easier to get rid of the self pity I had for the circumstance I was dealt.

I have accepted not everyone in this world is going to be a fan of mine. But I am, however, SO incredibly grateful for my friends, family and fans who have helped me every step of the way. Again, these are the people who I share my success with as well as the people who have my back through the hard times. This experience has helped me be a better person and I will always continue to try and be my best self with everyone I meet. Thank you to all my fans for the outpour of messages! This may be a bump in the road .. but it doesn’t define me! For now, cheer on our boys! I am so proud of each one of them and they will continue to have a great season.